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The Tome of Rules Empty The Tome of Rules

Post by Angel Salvia on Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:14 pm

Tome of Rules

Welcome to Ribbons of Light ~ Where Magical Girl's reign. I am your founder, Angel Salvia.

*We are a forum where you can swear in moderation. Not every word should be the F word, but in moderation it is acceptable. NO derogatory terms will be tolerated, such as the N and C word. There is no need for those words to be used, and a ban will be issued if anyone is caught using them.

* Do NOT sign up as the name of a Magical girl. Otaku Magical Girl's are fine, such as "Mew Lollipop" or "Sailor Orion"

*Double posting is fine, when done in moderation. Don't double post just to boost your ranking. Double posting is okay in the following scenarios.
*Updating your art topic
*Updating a graphics topic
*Updating a Writing/Fan-fiction topic
*Bumping to an unread help post or a graphics/art/writing topic that has not been responded to.

* Necroposting should only be done when you have a significant addition to the topic, such as you leave for a year, come back, and post a drawing in your old art topic.

I will add more later.
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